amazing interactive installation from the Light Surgeons!

Waves of Grain

Fire in the sky …


transforms the interiors of humble paper bags and cardboard boxes— evoking contemporary architectural spaces through a shift in point of view before printing them at a monumental scale.


The Mutual Wave Machine,

an important art installation incorporating technology and science. The Mutual Wave Machine is an interactive neurofeedback installation, that embodies the elusive notion of ‘being on the same wavelength’ with another person through brainwave synchronization. During the experience, greater brainwave synchronization is reflected in greater vividness and more coherent and recognizable audiovisual patterns, while lack of synchronization strays towards dark audio-visual chaos: a faint ringing in the ears and static in the retinas. Enclosed by an intimate capsule and immersed in an audiovisual environment that responds and reflects their shared brain activity, two visitors can directly experience and manipulate their internal efforts to approach each other, or distance themselves from each other.

Artists include: Suzanne Dikker | Matthias Oostrik | Peter Burr | Diederik Schoorl | Matthew Patterson Curry | Oliver Hess
Curated by: Paul Young
Presented by: the Marina Abramovic Institute Science Chamber and Todays Art Agency
Special thanks to: emotiv ©

"[The modern exhibition] should not retain its distance from the spectator, it should be brought close to him, penetrate and leave an impression on him, should explain, demonstrate, and even persuade and lead him to a planned and direct reaction. Therefore we may say that exhibition design runs parallel with the psychology of advertising."

- Herbert Bayer, 1940 (via resetagain)


 United Visual Artists : Momentum at The Curve, Barbican Center 

13 February 2014 - 1 June 2014

United Visual Artists invites you to experience Momentum, a carefully choreographed sequence of light, sound and movement, which responds to the unique space of the Curve.

Momentum consists of twelve pendulums that activate light and sound as they swing, drawing attention to the Curve’s vast arc, inviting you to journey through the space guided by your heightened senses. Each pendulum has been meticulously designed and built using steel, aluminium, and custom electronics. The sound is individual to each pendulum, prepared and tuned to seamlessly resonate as they move within the Curve. 

Momentum creates an environment that has its foundations in detailed research, sophisticated computer technology and mechanical expertise. Yet, the effect is to create a space that feels wondrously transformed, one which you are invited to experience and explore. 

Watch the video

installation images © bethany clark/getty images
courtesy barbican art gallery

via Design Boom and Barbican Center

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The Path Is What Makes The Difference 


Lenticular Encryption

This is a small project I have put together for the Widget Art Gallery, combining lenticular display methods and the animated gif:

This is an experimental project that examines the aesthetics of lenticularization and extends the creative possibilities of the GIF format.
Lenticularization of an image allows the viewer to be presented with additional visual information within the same space, dependent on angle. Striped of lenticular sheets, we see that information altogether, almost theoretically identical to the Cubist idea of relativity presented as one. This project aims to appreciate the encrypted information as it is as well as decoded with additional media. Also, it aims to highlight and hopefully inspire the idea that there is more that can be done with the GIF medium - new tricks and methods can be applied to animation making, whether it is ‘flipping’ from one image to another, or added depth … Gif making can have additional visual narratives.

Below is a video demonstrating how the GIFs can be seen through a lenticular sheet (including an additional piece which will appear later on):

You can find out more about the Widget Art Gallery here


Modern shisha design for IOOI



Modern shisha design for IOOI


Triple Helix: Installation by Reuben Margolin

An installation made out of 1027 hexagonal wood blocks, a welded steel frame, three aluminum helices and a polycarbonate matrix with 9280 pulleys that replicates the confluence of three wave patterns. The installation is completely silent and is only powered by three 40 Watt electric motors.

For years now, whenever my mind was free to drift, I’ve invariably found myself trying to imagine the confluence of three waves. I had a feeling the forms created would be beautiful, and somehow true to this world. But the design proved wonderfully elusive, and the mental pursuit took me down all sorts of paths, most lined with extraordinary numbers of pulleys. Two years ago a breakthrough led to some real progress (if you can call progress a month of hammering in 10,000 dowel pins). I put it aside when I got busy with commissions, and then picked it back up in November 2012 for a focused eight-month effort. It was fantastic to work on, with significant challenges almost every day, right up to the very end. My delight in how well it turned out is tempered by a sense of loss: this sculpture has been like a keel to me for a long time.